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All American
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Any personal anecdotal advice on how to handle a 5 year old when bringing a newborn home?

9/13/2018 11:47:27 AM

All American
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have the newborn "give a gift" to the 5 year old and vice-versa.

sort of a "thanks in advance for putting up with my shit" gift. but class it up a bit. we had our newborn give our older one (she was 2.25 yrs old) a nice necklace so it holds sentimental value for years. the older one picked out the newborn's pacifier and baby blanket.

real talk tho...I cried when we came home from the hospital and there were two kids in the house. shit got real and i had all kinds of feels thinking about them growing up together.

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9/13/2018 1:31:10 PM


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My little one is about to graduate to the toddler room at daycare, do I get her infant teachers something?

9/29/2018 7:09:13 PM

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Don’t feel obligated but know that in general teachers are underpaid and if you can throw something nice their way it will be appreciated

9/29/2018 10:36:39 PM

All American
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12/15/2018 10:43:09 AM

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I saw the OBGYN on Thursday and she asked me about my plans to have more children. She told me that I needed to hurry up and make up my mind because I was getting to an age where fertility could be an issue. TWW Parents, we are now closer to menopause than college.

12/23/2018 7:32:45 PM

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