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Can anyone help with

For each of the following models you will be using these parameter values: M = 143500, r = 0.294, and H = 5273.
For the exponential model, if the initial population ( y(0) ) is 1315,

For the logistic model,

what is the population at the nonzero equilibrium?

If y(0) = 1315, what is the population at t=15?

For the harvesting model,

what are the equilibrium populations?
(smaller population)
(larger population)

Use Maple to create two graphs of the harvesting model solution using DEplot for y(0) = 42189 and y(0) = 10506, for t = 0 to t = 10.

10/17/2012 10:52:21 PM

All American
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back in my day we just passed the Maple solutions from class to class since they just changed the numbers but never the formulas (or usually nothing at all), along with the application, because fuck paying for Maple.

2004-2008 represent

10/18/2012 5:38:24 PM


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FWIW, posting a homework question word for word isn't really a good idea, especially if you're using your Unity ID.

10/18/2012 10:29:07 PM

New Recruit
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For the first one, its y(t) = y0*exp(r*t)
and then for b you just plug in whatever you t= number is in t.
Thats all I was able to get, let me know if you figured anything else out!

10/22/2012 4:28:37 PM

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