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All American
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Am I too early? Did anyone get around to this yet?

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Holy crap, I have more work than I know what to do with. I went back to Duke to be a floor nurse in cardiothoracic, and picked up a per diem/casual position at UNC in cardiology. I still pick up hours at the clinic, and I'm also doing clinical research in the homecare setting, currently have 2 clients. Dear God, PAPERWORK.

My ultimate goal is to be a flight/ground transport nurse, but I've got a long, long way to go before even qualifying for that (trauma hours, working in an ICU, a billion certs, etc.)

I'm looking at how being a paramedic program can benefit me as an RN.

Family/Love: B
No complaints here. Went to Barcelona back in March for our honeymoon, been married about 1.5 years at this point. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on a cruise. My remaining grandparent died back in January, but she was 93, so I was glad she went peacefully.

Still debating if/when I want to get pregnant in the next few years.

Social life/Friends: B- I scrubbed my life of a lot of bullshit friendships, and really re-committed to fewer positive ones. I just don't have time with work and the livestock.

Health: B Actually been better since I started to bike commute to my full time job. I've lost and maintained weight even working nights, and I just joined the Duke gym again. My stress levels have gone down, even with the 12 hour shifts.

I should probably get back to eating a bit healthier, but fuck it, the holidays.

I blew up my fitness schedule back in June from all my stress, so I did one 5K this past year. I've lost my urge to compete.

Hobbies C-->A : Jesus Christ. I had to rescue one of my mares from a bad situation, and move the 2 horses to another farm again because of more barn drama. I feel like a refugee at this point. At least my horses are now well taken care of.

I'm building a fence on the same property to house my goats. Still milking, still making cheese. I may try to get commercial with a goat dairy in the next few years.

Money: B Been busy with work, but finally stacking the paper. Didn't expect to take on a second horse so soon, but I'll gladly work a few more hours a month for an animal.

I'm paying off my student loan debt, saving up for a truck to haul with.

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12/14/2015 12:24:53 PM

balls deep
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12/14/2015 1:11:16 PM

All American
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Not great. Wife has been pretty much sick/incapacitated since June. I've obviously had the sole responsibility of caring for her since we don't have any family here. Negatively impacted just about everything else going on this year. Had to cancel Thanksgiving and our anniversary trip overseas. So in short, most other years have been quite a bit better.

But hey, I'm going to see Star Wars on Thursday so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

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12/14/2015 1:32:29 PM

Douche Bag
Fcuk you
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Commercial Real Estate has been booming. Worked about as much as last year (35-40 hours a week), take off when I want, but had a record setting month (December) / year. Every year has been a record year for me with 30-40% growth, but this year I doubled 2014's number. Have sold over $12M this month and have another $11M closing before year's end. Feel like I should be called Doctor.

Family/Love: A+
My son, Charlie, is as cute as can be and is relatively easy (not a terrible 2, even though he is 2.25 years old now). That said, we finally got pregnant again and are having a little girl - always wanted a daughter. That said, everyone is healthy and family is close by, so couldn't be better. Wife loves working from home and we are enjoying watching our family grow.

Social life/Friends: A
Would love to stay in better contact with some friends, but all of my core friends from high school and best friends from college are in similar stages of starting/growing families, so everything is good here. We still get out a lot for having a little one - just not to bars and late at night...11 PM bedtime doesn't sound so bad these days.

Health: A-
I feel healthy, but still am slightly over weight. Need to take this more seriously, but I'm happy, so all is good.

Hobbies: A
Been able to hunt, go to State basketball/football games, etc. Bought my first house to flip. Everything has gone smoothly, but haven't sold it yet. Been on the market for 2 weeks and shows around 10 times a week. Based on activity, I think it is priced right, but I'll be excited when it sells and I can get my money back out, as I'm all cash and have a nice chunk tied up in the house.

Money: A++
Will net nearly $500K this year before wife's income, so while this year is an anomaly, I can't complain. We have no debt other than our mortgage.

12/14/2015 1:36:14 PM

All American
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I didn't have one

12/14/2015 1:46:20 PM

All American
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I graduated, which was definitely the high point. Still havent found a job, which is the low point.

12/14/2015 3:35:05 PM

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Career: A (B, 2014) I changed roles due to the update from last year in April and moved to our R&D division, out of Services, within the same company. Work / life balance has never been better since. I have a new boss that I love and have beers with on a fairly regular basis. The new boss lead to me changing roles again to a newly created role within R&D a few weeks ago to better utilize my talents and while the new role is still being defined I'm loving it.

Family: A (B, 2014)
Second baby girl was born in September! My wife left her job in May after she vested all of her stock options and stays at home with our 2 daughters (22mo / 14 weeks) and we both love it. My parents moved to Charleston from Louisville which is both a better place to visit and closer by 2 hours. My wife's parents moved from Wake Forest to Wilmington which is also a better place to visit. I lost my grandfather on my dad's side earlier this year and while we were close when I was young we grew apart in the past 10 years.

Social life/Friends: B+ (B, 2014)
Don't go out as much as I'd like but with 2 young kids it's mostly expected. One of the reasons I was worried about making the role change earlier in the year was because I wouldn't be working as close with the group of people that I consider great friends. We still hang out just as much though and it hasn't had a major effect. My wife's friend circle has grown since she's been staying at home with the kids and so far all of their husbands are fun to hang out with as well.

Health: B (B-, 2014)
No major changes. Going to the gym more and playing a lot of racquetball.

Money: A+ (A+, 2014)
Very happy with my money situation. I thought we'd be more affected by my wife staying home than we are. It was still a major hit but we've absorbed it fine. I had a number of increases this year for various reasons that basically equated to a 60% raise by the end of the year. Invested in a few interesting items this year - I'll be a part-owner of a brewery once it kicks off next year and will be shameless promoting them on here once distribution grows - I also invested in an opportunity that will likely make me a part-owner in a fraternity house but that won't be a reality likely until 2018.

12/14/2015 5:00:20 PM

oh we back
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Career: A (2014, C)

Quit my job out of state job and moved back to NC. Didn't necessarily hate that job, but the pay wasn't great and it was a long way from my family and friends. I had planned on moving back to NC this year anyways, but some changes at the company sped that up. Now I'm doing something I love and am passionate about and I'm back in NC, which is great. The pay could be better, but I knew that going in...that's the only thing preventing this from being A+

Family/Love: A (2014, B)

Family life is pretty much great. I've always had a great relationship with my parents and siblings and extended family. This year was a bit different in that there were some issues within the family...none involving me, but some stuff that put a strain on some family members and that indirectly was stressful for me as well. However that has all blown over and seems to be in the rearview mirror now. As for love, that's going pretty well right now. Dating a great girl and we make each other very happy.

Social/Life Friends: A (2014, C)

Again, moving back to NC has really boosted this for me. I spend time with my friends quite regularly. No real complaints here.

Health: A (2014, A)

I'm pretty healthy. No problems or issues here.

Money: B (2014, B)

More money would be great, of course. But I'm doing a fine job budgeting, saving, and all that. In fact, I've done a better job saving this year than last. I did have to purchase a vehicle this year which was definitely a big unexpected expense, but I did have money saved and was able to afford that expense. So while it wasn't ideal, I was able to make it work without much trouble.

Hobbies: B (didn't write anything for hobbies in 2014)

Never had a ton of hobbies, really. I've always loved sports. I don't workout or do stuff like that anymore and I wish I was motivated and had the time to. But I've gotten pretty decent at some handy-man type stuff. Basic woodworking, household stuff...nothing all that great, but it's nice to be able to do stuff like that (and enjoy it).

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12/14/2015 6:40:55 PM

Sink the Flagship
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Career: B- I definitely don't love my job but it could be worse. I have three bosses, who are constantly at odds with (hate) each other so it's difficult to keep them all happy at once. Nobody else is in a similar situation (only has one boss). At least the one boss is going to pay for some classes at UNC for me out of his budget, so that's nice. But the boss in charge of promotions is very unlikely to give me one. I've been making pretty much the same money since I was still in grad school, which sucks. In a few months, I'll be fully vested in the government and can move agencies so I'm waiting for that if things don't improve.

Family: A
Family is doing great and are in good health for the most part. Glad to have everyone still around and in my life.

Social life/Friends: A I make sure to spend a lot of time with friends. I get see them pretty much every night. We have regular group things we do (bowling league, trivia teams, etc.) and just spontaneous things (concerts, going out, etc.) Since moving back downtown, I've met a lot of new people, and rekindled friendships with old friends. It's been fun! I would make this an A+ but I have zero love life, but I'm kinda coming to terms with the fact that being single isn't so bad.

Health: A+ I really made it my goal to get back into shape and have stuck to it. I can see a lot of positive changes in my physical and mental state as a result. I feel much more confident, and have a lot more energy.

Money: B This kinda goes with career - I'm grateful for how much I make and the job I have (or having a job in general) but I feel like I'm worth a lot more on the open market. Hopefully, my employers will recognize that sooner or later, or I'm going to test the private market once I'm fully vested. I did buy a condo this year, and didn't blow all of my savings to do it. The condo has already proved to be a very good investment. I have a good chunk of change to invest in other ventures. I live very comfortably, but wish I had a little more income so I could save more.

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12/15/2015 10:20:59 AM

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Pretty much bored with everything.

It seems like the older you get the less fulfilling things that used to be fulfilling become.

12/15/2015 12:02:21 PM

All American
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Career: B+ I've pretty much been wading in the "mediocre" zone for several years with my law firm...trying to figure out my niche and what will bump me into the "rollin" category. I think I've finally done it. Picked a niche this year and put some money into marketing and automatically got three awesome cases that should be settling in the next few months. Only reason it's not an A is because I need to get the next line of cases to keep the ball rolling. Regardless, finally feeling like I've found my future with my practice.

Family: B
My dad's wife passed away a few weeks ago. It sucks because I feel really sad for him and worry about how he's going to cope being so lonely at such an old age (late 60s). But it's also brought us closer (never been very close to him). We're talking once or twice a week...and now that she's out of the picture (sounds bad, but she was sickly and couldn't travel or do anything for a couple year), he can actually come down to visit and we can spend some quality time together. I never had this longing to be close to my dad, but he's changed a lot over the years and he's a good dude. I'm happy that I have the opportunity to make his life better and feel good about having a relationship with his son.

On the negative mom has become incredibly annoying. She's an amazing person and has been a great mom to me, but I think she's been going downhill emotionally ever since she went through menopause about 10 years ago. She's just extremely sensitive and defensive about everything. And constantly talks about shit in her small town that neither my sister or me could give two fucks about. I know I'm sounding insensitive...but talking about that trivial shit is what her husband is for. I use to like hanging out with my mom, now I dread. My sister and I have been planning a sit down with her to talk about her emotional issues. Hoping we can either turn her around or convince her to get on some meds. This entire situation worries me.

Social life/Friends: B Wish I could spend more time with them...but I get enough time in not to feel bad and always have good times.

Health: B- I would normally give this an A+ as I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I've remained at my target weight for two years now. I keep increasing the number of push and pull-ups I can do...and I broke 20 minutes in a 5k for the first time since high school. But I also got a physical this year and apparently I have high cholesterol problems (DAMN YOU GENETICS!!! ). So I need to change up my diet so they don't put me on medication...which I really don't want to do.

Money: B Might as well combine this with career. Been in a holding pattern for a few years with my practice remaining steadily mediocre. Still been able to max out my Roth IRA and invest in a small restaurant (which is doing well, but was never going to be a money printer), but the wife and I still budget more than I'd like to. But with the money that is about to come in, we can finally relax for a bit. We're adding a wing to the house and will actually be able to pimp it out a bit. I don't think I'll ever be comfortable financially unless I win the lottery, but things are finally starting to look pretty good.

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12/15/2015 12:52:05 PM

All American
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^fish oil ftw... take it before a big meal to ward off the fish burps and you're good to go

12/15/2015 1:51:46 PM

All American
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Career: B I'm in the general industry that I have always been in and want to stay in (construction) but I've been on the insurance restoration side of it for a few years now and want to get back to the new construction/planned remodel side of things. My opinion of people in general has dropped since being on this side as it seems most people try to weasel their way out of paying their bill and/or spending the money the insurance company gave them

Family: B Wife and kids are doing well. Nothing serious health wise or anything. Only reason this isn't an A is because we don't get to see our parents or siblings very often since my wife and I are originally from KS. But it has been like that for years and we like it out here and don't see moving in the next few years or anything

Social life/Friends: F or A Depends on how you look at it I'm a real home-body and don't care to go out and do things. A perfect evening/weekend is just hanging around the house with the wife and kids. Not counting the times the wife dragged me to go out with friends, I think I went out myself maybe two or three times all year

Health: C I'm over weight. Pretty much have been since college but weight hasn't changed much in the last 7/8 years.

Money: B I've made a little more money this year than previous years, but a lot of my income comes in as bonuses. So that can make it hard to plan things financially. And I swear every time I get a bonus, something happens. This year that would include: hitting a deer with the car, daughter breaking her arm, daughter breaking her other arm, son having to get braces, etc.

12/15/2015 4:04:35 PM

2019 Egg Champ
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^^I still get fish oil burps when I take them with a meal. The good news is, it tastes like salmon and I love salmon.

Career: CI started a grad program this year that has really good job placement, so hopefully I'll be able to line something cool up for next year.

Family/Love: B My precious 13 year old poodle almost died earlier this year, but thankfully a vet in Wilmington was able to operate on her and she seems to be doing fine now. Hopefully she'll stick around for another few years. My brother moved back to the US this year, so it's been cool being able to hang out with him some. Otherwise, there's nothing notable.

Social Life/Friends: B I moved and had to leave a couple awesome friends but I've been hanging out with kids in my program a lot this year and it's been a lot of fun.

Health: B Since I'm back in school, I've been walking a lot more as part of my day to day routine so I feel a lot better because of that and because I have been eating somewhat better. There's still plenty of room for improvement though.

Money: F Grad school is expensive.

12/18/2015 10:43:08 AM

All American
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Mmm, I'm going to be a bit of a downer as I post here, but here goes. Know that things will be getting better for me in 2016 in most of the key areas that really bug me so it's not all bad. 2015 was pretty poop sandwich, tho. I put an "epilogue" at the end because 2016 will be better and it is literally weeks away from getting better. Up until now though it's been an anxiety rollercoaster and I'm incredibly disappointed in myself for making such a dumb mistake with my life and my career.

Career: D. I took the current job I have after leaving a stable job with good benefits because my employer was federal and they were verbally threatening downsizing in that office every day (I was terrified of losing my benefits and wanted to keep my friends at work from losing their jobs so I took a job somewhere else because I still had career flexibility). Change turned out to be a mistake. 7 weeks after my health benefits started at the new employer they changed a lot of things and put my two main prescriptions (insulin and testing strips) on a prior approval list. As a result it took me 8 weeks to get insulin and 10 weeks to get my testing strips. I had to call five times to get the insulin and six times for the testing strips. For reference, type 1 diabetics can die after 24 hours without insulin. To me, it is important to have insurance that doesn't put your insulin on a "fuck you" list.

Family/Love: C. No love, nothing new there (I've spent the last 12.5 years trying to find a balance of my adult life with my diabetes). Oldest brother came back into family life but it's awkward due to a number of serious/severe/awkward incidents and events that have us all concerned about when the next "episode" will be. It's sad that things can't really be normalized. Also a family pet I liked died and I didn't have a chance to visit the other side of the family this year for Christmas due to what sounded like strained relations or something (usually I see this other side of the family on Christmas but I didn't get the all-clear to visit today and the side of the family that does visit left 1.5 hours early from their planned 3.5 hour visit). I'm glad some thing are normalizing more with family and we're almost like a "perfect" family again in terms of annual meet-ups/relations.

Social Life/Friends: D. After taking the job here and changing states I stopped hanging out with a lot of really cool friends who supported me a lot and were very kind to me. This is the sort of thing that doesn't click with you until you make a major life change and go "wait I miss the tuesday hangouts where we all had fun and supported each other through the bullshit that happened that week". So now I hang out with one of my cool friends periodically, another cool friend rarely, and that's about for my friends in this area outside of family. At least I can hang out with family more often while I'm in this area! It's wonderful to spend time with your parents while they're still on this earth.

Health: D. I had a severe health problem in January that let to me almost getting fired. I lost 15 pounds in ~2-3 weeks because I went from eating around 2000 calories/day to about 500 calories/day due to pain and severe nausea which didn't stop for 2 months. I then put on about 35 pounds since then (from the lowest point) so now I'm overweight, but not severely overweight. Unfortunately, the "new" job doesn't have sick leave benefits (and they threatened to fire me at my sickest) so I showed up to work with a thick blanket and winter jacket for 6 weeks because my office was drafty and it took a ridiculous amount of time for me to heal the hole in my stomach on account of the 'beetus. It was a very miserable winter at work and I had multiple weeks where every day I considered just quitting to have time to myself to get better and get my life back in order. I've had to deliver on crazy deadlines which led to me getting an RSI in my right arm (I kind of fucked up my thumb and my tendons in my elbow while drafting/programming/analyzing shit for a project which a customer claimed was top priority which was really a bad/rough project). Mail order pharmacy was also a cunt and wouldn't help me figure out whether they were going to mail me a crap version of wellbutrin. They ended up mailing me a crap version of wellbutrin and as a result my out-of-pocket for the drug went up 600% as I had to pay cash after they wouldn't cover things even after I explained that the generic they sent me was garbage. The health insurance/personal health bullshit this year convinced me to seek federal employment again because jesus christ it's hard to explain to a bunch of healthy wealthy white men from oklahoma how a disability can periodically make you less productive and need a couple lower-stress and lower-productivity weeks to get back onto your feet and be healthy/happy again. Me being happy (much less healthy) was not on their agenda, which is when things clicked that I made a terrible mistake.

Money: D. My own fault. I bought a lot early this year because I was committed to helping my friends and this company succeed and to sticking around for the long-term (I was going to build an inexpensive modernist home on the lot with my architect brother's assistance). It was only just after this that I had my health really go into the shit and have a lot of problems with my employer despite documented health issues when I realized "hey, making a tiny bit more per year is irrelevant when nobody cares about your personal health problems". That locked up half of my cash and as a result of the health insurance changes (both by taking the new job and as a result of major changes they made to the plan shortly after I started on it) I am spending more than triple on health insurance, prescriptions, and my diabetic supplies at this new job after everybody told me that "this health insurance is very good and we're very competitive with the industry". Unfortunately, their health insurance is actually not good and only after said friends started using their insurance did they realize it was kind of shit and start complaining to me in the office that their health insurance costs for their family were high. I couldn't have made a worse mistake by making the life choices I made in 2014 to have caused the extent of financial damage I have suffered in 2015.

Epilogue: B. "What the fuck is this?" In may of 2015 I interviewed with some nice people who really need my skills and have been in an ongoing process to get rehired in a different division with my old employer. I have negotiated a reasonable salary and am weeks from getting back to my old, amazing health benefits and am trying to leave my friends at my new/current employer with a solid guide for how to do what I do and a moderately well-trained team who can handle most of the issues that I have handled in the last year. It won't be perfect, and it's more money lost, but I'm being offered a position which is a "step up" from the previous job I left and which will give me an opportunity to use my strengths and build on my weaknesses and to work on very large structural engineering jobs (the likes of which I've not been able to work on "independently" up to this point in my career). In January or February of 2016 I will be starting work at this previous employer at a higher pay rate and will be eligible for an insurance plan which costs less out-of-pocket than my current "new" employer health insurance and which has total out of pocket costs that are about 1/5 or less what my current insurance costs. I'm trying to get a really neat urban loft condo during all this which is sort of what I've wanted since I was in high school, and I am basically being given an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and pretend I never made this mistake. It's wonderful, and yet I'm still very sad that I've wasted these 17+ months of my life and fallen for what I now realize is an obvious dupe by inexperienced people who just said things to get me to join their company (things which ended up later not to be true).

I hope 2016 is better and that I can gain a sense of normalcy from removing myself from my current dumb situation, which I know is 100% self-inflicted by my own naivete and foolishness. I hope all you tdubbers at least end up in the "better times" boat if your 2015 was similarly poor or dumb. I have no idea why I am writing this to a bunch of folks on the internet who I don't know. It might have something to do with this fourth high-gravity beer I'm working through.

12/26/2015 12:00:13 AM

All American
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2015 was pretty good

12/26/2015 11:48:22 AM


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Career: A- I started a new job ear the end of last year with a significant pay raise, less hours, and less commute. While I love the company and like the work for the most part, it is monotonous and I miss the random projects that popped up at my last job. I find myself having trouble staying focused on the tasks I'm supposed to be doing, as it is the 40th time that week/month. My wife has gone to a 70% schedule so she can take care of our son easier. The pay cut isn't great, but totally manageable.

Family/Love: A Had my first child, James, in. May. He is a super easy baby. Only cries if he really needs something, sleeps through the night, and is very good natured. My wife and I would like to spend some more time together, but I think that is normal as we adjust to having a third person in the family.

Social Life/Friends: C it has been few and far between that I hang out with friends. Still don't have a ton of friends in the Charlotte area. I get to see Hiro a few times a year which is nice. I would like to make it to Raleigh more to hang out with my friends. I have made friends with my neighbors, but only a couple I would call close friends.

Health: A+ I have lost 39lbs this year. My blood pressure and resting heart rate are down. I'm in the best shape i have been in, in the last 8 years. I'm down 72lbs from my peak. My shoulda have not gone out at all this year.

Money: Incomplete (B) my wife and I are both making the most we ever have, and broke the top 10% income bracket. We purchased a new house, after 5.5 years in our first one, and we close in February. Our mortgage is going to slightly over double. We can afford it, but it will be an adjustment. We will not have tons of cash and extra savings like we were used to.

Overall I would say it was a solid A year.

12/26/2015 6:31:45 PM

All American
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I was laid off, but found a different job. I took a little bit of a pay cut, but I'm getting a lot more experience at something I enjoy.

12/30/2015 11:33:43 AM

All American
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2015 was great but entirely for personal/leisure reasons. It pays decent but I really just hate what I do. Vacations to London, Vancouver, and Disney World were the highlights of the year. We're finally at a point where we can consistently save money but still buy and do what we want within reason.

Plans for 2016 are big (scary): Find new jobs, possibly career changes for both me and my wife, sell most of our stuff and move out of state. Maybe it's a midlife crisis or something but it's time for a fresh start.

12/31/2015 9:06:18 AM

All American
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Career: A

Started a new great job on the west coast. The job has a lot of upside, lots of good projects, training opportunities, and in an industry i'm interested in.

Family/Love: B-/C+

Family is fine.

Met a great girl that i've been talking to since January. She could be the one, we have remarkable chemistry, a lot in common, similar values, and personalities that complement each other. Unfortunately we've been long-distance 9 of the 11 months. It really has been causing a lot of emotional turmoil regarding if we are going to work out. Things might be over, with the last year in vain, if she can't get into grad school here. We weren't really even planning to keep seeing/talking long-distance but it kept on going. We have though managed to see each other nearly every month since I moved at the end of March

Social life/Friends: B+ Had to say goodbye to my friends in Charlotte but have created a new social life in my new city. My best friend from Charlotte ended up moving here too. Just need to work on having some more "close" friends.

Health: A- I've been really health this year. Was working out 5-6 times a week up until the last few weeks. Ran my first half marathon.

Just may need to cut back on some of the booze and i've had a health hiccup in December. Got two colds in 3 weeks.

Hobbies A : Did a lot of travelling this year and even drove cross country!

Been excelling at running even running my first half marathon. Discovered how awesome hiking is when there is actually cool places to go. Started rock climbing, and kept up with yoga. Unfortunately i stopped doing cross-fit which i miss and haven't been able to keep up with NCSU football or the NFL with so much going on up here.

Now that it is winter i'm getting into skiing and have been cooking a lot more!

Money: B Wasn't employed for two months...
Somehow I've still managed to save some money even after moving cross country, travelling to S. America, back to Charlotte 3x for vacation, a week in California, and a trip to Vancouver. This on top of having 2x the rent in my new city.

I'm paying off my student loan debt and got a new car payment.

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12/31/2015 4:12:01 PM

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