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Has anyone used/seen on of these in Europe?
How does it stack up in terms of specs?

I'm waiting for this to come to america and there is a huge demand for it as the ecologically/socially responsible segment of the population continues to grow.

My main question is, why did google can its ara project? Do you see them buying up a company like this instead?

5/10/2017 7:18:29 PM

All American
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It's packing the snapdragon 801, which will never upgrade past Android 6. Supposedly there's problems with graphics drivers, 64 bit emulation, and generally it's just old. Originally deployed in like 2013/14 this would be no faster than a Nexus 5, and you'd be better off getting a Nexus 5 off craigslist for $40. Saving 1 device from the junkyard would surely outweigh whatever they're claiming their ancient hardware will save you over the 6 months you tolerate it then get a better device.

Doesn't pack MIMO antennas for wifi, doesn't support lower bands for LTE (600/700mhz is a game changer for budget brands like t-mobile who need maximum coverage for rural towers), no NFC for google wallet (or bluetooth pairing with a speaker or sharing contacts or loading a page on a tablet from phone), no fingerprint sensor, 2GB of ram is fair at best.

I am a HUGE fan of dual sim though... so the more on the market with that the merrier. As long as it can run them simultaneously and not just flip back in forth like some plebe.

I'd put more money on this being vaporware than I would on them producing a nice phone. You're much, much better off getting a Nexus 5 off Craigslist. Or spring for Nexus 6, Nexus 5X/6P, Pixel or wait a few months for Pixel 2. This piece is on the cusp of being 4 generations old and they're taking preorders.

I'm not sure Ara was cancelled... I think it's in the special file with google glass.

5/11/2017 12:47:03 AM

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