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All American
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I saw Joker on Friday. Wow! Joaquin Phoenix absolutely killed it. He definitely brought his A-game to this one, his performance was nothing short of awesome. I think he absolutely will get an Oscar nod for this and I wouldn't be surprised if he won.

10/27/2019 10:48:05 AM

play so hard
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Quote :
"his appearance on the talk show was weird. I was behind the motivation of him going to kill himself. But was surprised when all the sudden he got the confidence/anger to go on his rant."

For me, this is what tied this initially kinda boring movie to the Joker as we have known him in the past.

Quote :
"Did he get inspired by seeing all the people dressed up like him?"

I think yes. The events on the subway were pretty formative.

Quote :
"I was confused when the woman was into him, and liked the twist that he was living in his own head."

Same. One of the things I liked about this movie was it was hard to tell what was in his head and what was real. I initially thought the Murray phone call was the former.

Quote :
"Joker isn't an antihero. You can't root for him"

Personally, I don't need a protagonist. But that is a common complaint to be sure. I loved American Psycho, but there is nobody to root for there either.

Quote :
"socially clueless and deranged he's also plain dumb"

Yes, yes, and no.

Quote :
"the entire theme is basically we fail to understand and treat mental illness."

It's a comic book movie.

11/2/2019 1:50:20 AM

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I saw this a few days ago. Not nearly as violent as I expected. Also, not nearly as good as I expected.

11/2/2019 1:58:03 AM

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