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TWW, what are your remedies for clogged ears? I have had two instances of clogged ears this year. It's like constantly having one of those foam ear plugs in one ear. You hear fine out of one ear, but the other is muffled.
I think it's mucus, but can't be sure.
Last spring I went to the Minute Clinic and got antibiotics. It cleared after a few days.
I'm trying some natural remedies first because my insurance co-pay is ridiculous.
1. Ear candling? Nah. hokey stuff
2. Injecting water with a fat syringe and letting it drain? Not much success
3. Injecting hydrogen peroxide and letting it bubble, then drain. Only temporary relief

Help! I need some relief!

12/7/2018 1:44:55 PM

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half hydrogen peroxide + half water solution

12/7/2018 1:59:04 PM

All American
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12/7/2018 2:02:15 PM

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I got this twice after flying with a minor head cold. The pressure must push the mucus into my ear canal. But it was lodged behind the eardrum so I ended up getting decongestants from the ENT both times to clear it up.

12/8/2018 6:45:31 AM

All American
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^ that is much different than the OP. I get this a lot. I just use an over the counter ear wax cleaning kit. Those amount to what qntmfred is talking about, with little plastic shovels to dig out the wax once you've loosened it up.

12/8/2018 6:18:34 PM

All American
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Take a flight to India or China, if less than your copay.

(Pretty cool, check the first few links)

After that, de-wax your ears regularly to avoid a repeat of the problem.

12/8/2018 8:29:08 PM

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