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 Stories » New Student Government Initiative

New Student Government Initiative

submitted by ncsu_sbp on Sunday, March 4 2001 at 4:05 PM

One of the main issues that we face on campus is the publicity of activities and opportunities for student involvement. In the Office of the Student Body President, a new initiative has been created to address this problem in the form of a STUDENT BODY LISTSERV. In past years, student leaders have attempted to get access to the all-campus email to broadcast information to the student body. The all-campus email was used last semester to promote the change in the ticket distribution policy and the nuisance ordinance advisory notice. Access to the all-campus email is not possible and this year we have explored a new method to promote university-related activities in the form of this listserv.

The listserv will be used to promote:
1. Any new changes in the ticket distribution policy and campout
2. Student membership needed on university committees
3. Opportunities for students to get involved on campus
4. Updates in Student Government and new initiatives
5. University events such as Service Raleigh, Taste of NC State, Pan-African Week, Athletic Events, Homecoming and Human Rights Week
6. Activities outside the university such as important meetings with the city council and the state legislature regarding campus life here at the university

The listserv has been created so that you can subscribe yourself. To subscribe to the listserv, go to the website ( and on that page you may subscribe to the listserv.

Only the Student Body President will have access to send messages to the listserv. It is not set up in a discussion style format and will have the sole purpose of distributing information to the student body. Thank you for participating in this initiative as we attempt to create a greater campus community.

posted by Joe on Monday, March 5 2001 at 12:02 AM

All American
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edit comment I need more
"5. University events such as Service Raleigh, Taste of NC State, Pan-African Week, Athletic Events, Homecoming and Human Rights Week
in my mailbox.

3/5/2001 3:27:04 AM

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I really like how the NCSU_SBP starts politicing around ELECTION TIME. I still don't buy it, Had all year to implement programs and policy as well as to help the students but you decided to start now? no thanks, ITs time for a change!!! Vote Darryl Willie for Pres. and you vote EVan in for VP!

3/5/2001 5:35:18 AM

All American
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I'm the NSCU_SBP
I lie to the student body about a contract with Nelly to perform a show. I trick the students into registering to vote so I can take credit for winning so stupid competition with UNC.

3/5/2001 10:50:33 AM

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i think that a message board where students can post and the administration will read it would be a great tool for students. I think each student should get the chance to post to the message board one time per topic (and topics can only be posted by student government). I think this would be a great way to have a discussion as well as make it that much easier for students voices to be heard. Just look at TWW. A message board is an amazing venue for communication, something the administration-student link lacks.

3/5/2001 10:53:34 AM

All American
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The SB list-serv was just recently created... I also notice the lack of any "Vote for XXX for XXX" message attached to it. Elections are cut-throat enough, why make it worse by attacking each other on TWW?

3/5/2001 1:55:42 PM

New Recruit
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Greetings Everyone,

As I mentioned to EVroccck earlier, I just recently found out about Because of this I have taken it upon myself to respond to individuals who have expressed interest in what has gone on this year. Just to let you know about the listserv, this is not something that we just popped out of nowhere. This has been worked on since last November. The amount of work that it took to get this up and running lasted from November to February. I subscribed to TWW because I would like to address comments made and promote what has gone on this year. I registered as ncsu_sbp so that people would know who I am. I can be contacted at or 515-2797.


3/5/2001 5:28:34 PM

New Recruit
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Hey guys I'm new at this and I feel what someone above said about not needing or wanting to get anymore mail. Yet, it would seem to me that this new listserve is at least mail with substance and should be used to keep a line of open communication with student government. I like the idea that someone else threw out though...the forum where only student government officers can post topics. Also, I am glad that our sbp is, as he has been for the whole year, making himself approachable. It seems that if we want to post something on the listserve or talk to the sbp...the door is open. SO I guess it is up to all these people on TWW to take advantage of it and not merely talk about what bothers them but talk to the people who are representing them..i.e. the sbp, their senators, etc.

3/5/2001 6:44:04 PM

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"the forum where only student government officers can post topics."

It would be trivial to add this feature into the current student government forum It's worth looking at.

3/5/2001 8:16:18 PM

All American
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I like things

4/6/2001 5:23:24 PM

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