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 Stories » 1st Annual Oktoberfest Block Party - Presented by the Preiss Company

1st Annual Oktoberfest Block Party - Presented by the Preiss Company

submitted by jbhudock on Wednesday, September 22 2010 at 4:31 PM

Because our annual Spring Block Party has been such a success, The Preiss Company is hosting its FIRST ANNUAL OKTOBERFEST BLOCK PARTY featuring The Rubberband!!!!

Oktoberfest 2010 - Block Party!
Thursday Oct. 14, 2010
5-11 PM
(3770 Pardue Woods Place)

J Tama Band @ 5pm
The Rubber Band @ 7pm
Food Provided by Ruckus Pizza!!!

posted by qntmfred on Wednesday, September 22 2010 at 5:09 PM

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ibt preiss company complaints

9/22/2010 5:11:16 PM

Tom Joad
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9/22/2010 5:22:42 PM

All American
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Where am I supposed to park for this?!

9/22/2010 6:29:16 PM

supple anteater
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I'm only going back to 2006, but I've been around tdub for 7.5 years & have heard complaints the whole time. I have no personal experience w/ the company, so take my sharing of other TWW user-comments w/ a grain of salt, but since this is a college message board that may have first time renters... you should know what to ask about & read your contract carefully before signing if you're considering this Co (or for any apartment really).

"Fucking Preiss Company"

Quote :
"The bottom of my toilet is leaking what appears to me to be blackwater, its sinking into the floor from water damage, my water bill has been 100 dollars every 2 months (for 2 people who dont use that much water) and there are trees growing out of my gutters."

Quote :
"Its Prei$$ Company

what the fuck do you expect."

Quote :
"Yeah, the whole time I lived in my apartment I lived in mold. Called them several times and they never did anything."

Quote :
"preiss sucks"

Quote :
"It's like you expect them to care. Preiss Company is terrible."

Quote :
"I too rented from the Prei$$ Co., and they suck donkey balls."

Quote :
"Why do people rent from Preiss Company still?"

Quote :
"thats what i don't get, they've had a terrible reputation since at least spring 97 when i started at NCSU, so i'd imagine that any amount of research would yield enough horror stories to keep me away.

i've never rented from them myself, but a lot of it is because of all he bad things i've been forced to hear about them while in raleigh and on tww"

Quote :
"when my internet jack died. I asked them to fix it. They said they weren't responsible for that and to call the ISP. So, I did that. Made the mistake of calling the Customer Support number and ended up talking to some guy I could barely understand about how to do ipconfig and iprelease. After banging my head on the wall from talking to that guy, I found a number a little higher up the chain of command, called and got a repair guy to come fix it.

He told me my ethernet jack was broken on my laptop and that's why I couldn't get online. I had to practically twist his arm to get him to check the freakin' wall jack. He finally did and said "Oh....looks like your jack is dead." I swear, if ppl just listened to me in the first place things would've gone so much smoother! Well, when the repair man finished fixing my jack, he said "Yeah, equipment out here gets fried often because these apartments aren't grounded well and the Preiss company refuses to fix the issue. So whenever there's a storm, something goes down."

Also, the ISP hyperlink internet is certainly pitiful as far as bandwidth, but they also monitor your connection for torrent traffic and will cut off your internet service due to "malicious content on your connection" if they sense it.

/Preiss Rant"

"Before renting with the preiss company...."

Quote :
"First the most disgusting. There are rats in our apartment. My roommate and I are very clean, so to see rats in apartment is appalling. We told them about this in the beginning of June and it took them almost until August to come check it out. It is febuarary and we still have them. They put down some glue traps and caught three with three glue traps, but doesn't that signal you might need an exterminator and not just glue traps. After about a week of catching rats they said they would come back and exterminate and they never did.

We have light switches that do not work. When we complained, the maintenance man called us back and asked if we unscrewed it and checked such and such wires. I mean come on. I pay rent here and maintenance is included. If I am going to be expected to do my own maintenance I should get a discount. I mean I did not go to state to get my maintenance degree.

My roommates ceiling started to leak because the upstairs bathroom began to leak and messed up his ceiling and bathroom real bad. This happened in Aug. and they did not come to fix it until almost Jan.

They also have called me on several occasions with an attitude about overdue charges, but every time I have to remind them either I already paid or have to dig up my money order for proof of payment since they can not afford to give me a receipt. It would not be so bad if they did not have such an attitude when they called."

"preiss co"

Quote :
"I have heard of were that they lose rent checks, so you can solve that by getting a receipt, simple enough. I've never had a problem, there's one girl there though that always acts like she has a pole up her butt but that's more of a personality problem, not really a management problem that would actually affect you."

Quote :
"Yes... I'd third all of that. The company itself is EXTREMELY disorganized. Let me say that again... EXTREMELY DISORGANIZED So, that being said... make sure that you check over everything yourself and know that you have your end of everything covered completely. I looked at Preiss company apartments, and although I am currently living in one of their complexes, I went the private owner route because I was very unimpressed with the way they handled showing us locations for rent. Also, I called in reference to a few of the houses that they have for rent in the area just about a month ago... they were not helpful at all. They knew nothing about the properties that they had for rent and refused to answer any of my specific questions. They directed me to their website which I had already perused and which did not have the answer to my question. Hope this helps and that your experience with them will be better than mine!

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention... we had an issue that was very specific to our situation and we had to get special directions from Preiss company to figure out how to handle it. Needless to say, it took weeks for us to actually get through all the levels of management and find a solution, which wasn't really a solution at all. Haha... but in between talking to all the different people, someone got confused... and they had something installed that doesn't make any sense whatsoever (just because they didn't understand the issue at hand). Anyway, just one of my many personal examples of them being hard to deal with."

"Non-Preiss Company 4-bed apartments in raleigh?"

Quote :
"Some friends and I are looking for a decent 4-bedroom apartment or townhouse that is generally near campus. Nearly every source says that Preiss Company sucks, so we'd like to avoid them."

"full price for half month's rent?"

Quote :
"I sadly signed a lease with preiss in june. They're telling me that i'm supposed to pay full price for august, but they're not letting me move in until the 15th. Can I contest this? I sent an email about it, and requested a copy of my contract... I don't remember seeing that I had to pay $200 some-odd for not shit..."

[Edited on September 23, 2010 at 12:09 AM. Reason : .]

9/22/2010 11:45:28 PM

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9/23/2010 10:36:02 AM

All American
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9/23/2010 11:02:36 AM

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9/25/2010 8:37:50 AM

All American
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They better tow the idiots that don't live there this year.. It's complete BS that residents can't park because of a bunch of drunk 30 somethings that want to hit on 18 year olds.

10/1/2010 5:56:42 PM

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Quote :



10/4/2010 3:43:44 PM

All American
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Who all is going to this shindig?

10/11/2010 11:03:23 PM

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