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 Stories » House Bill to Eliminate Need-Based Financial Aid at NCSU!!!

House Bill to Eliminate Need-Based Financial Aid at NCSU!!!

submitted by markgoal on Friday, April 27 2001 at 6:05 PM

Yesterday, April 26th, House Bill 1392 was introduced to the General Assembly of North Carolina. This bill, if passd, will eliminate all State funding for need-based financial aid for NCSU,UNCCH and all other reasearch institutions in the state.

Sponsors of this bill:
Representatives Miller, Bell, Hunter, Lucas, Luebke, Michaux, Oldham, Wainwright, Womble.

This situation of our elected leaders taking advantage of us students has now gone way too far. The importance of the march being organized by student leaders is now so much more important. We cannot allow those that supposedly speak for us to get away with this War on Education. We need the full support of our users to show that we will not just lay down and accept this.

For more information on the march please check this link.

posted by scud on Friday, April 27 2001 at 8:04 PM

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This is why people hate politicians so much. They pass the dumbest laws.

4/27/2001 8:22:35 PM

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what is the reason or purpose behind such an act? why are students at research institutions any less deserving of financial aid than those at non-research institutions?

i will DEFINITELY be at the march on wednesday.

4/27/2001 8:23:44 PM

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fuck the government

4/27/2001 8:23:52 PM

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Now it is so much more important that we as a group go to this march next Wednesday. We need to bring our friends, our brothers, our sisters, our girlfriends, our parents, our teachers and anybody else we can get to come. We need to show our representative government that they *cannot* ignore the voices of their constituents.

4/27/2001 8:30:12 PM

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The are raging a war on higher education--- Please email your representatives- Its not hard- it just took me 5 minutes to send an email to all 12 of mine.

The name of the bill is HOUSE BILL 1392

4/27/2001 8:30:56 PM

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One thing I noticed looking over the list of sponsors: not one of them is from a county that would be affected by this bill (Orange and/or Wake). However, all three of the reps in Durham County (home of you-know-who) who don't have any constituents in either Orange or Wake counties are co-sponsors of this bill. Coincidence? I think not.

4/27/2001 9:04:26 PM

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good point Brian, I bet that would be something good for OUR representative to know.

4/27/2001 9:16:15 PM

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They're afraid we'll get too smart and see through all their leigslative bullshit. They figure uneducated students won't rebel against government tyranny.

[Edited by ChiaPimp on 4/27/2001 at 9:25:43 PM. Reason: grammar]

4/27/2001 9:25:20 PM

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Reply from Rep. Paul Miller (I am happy that he gave a timely reply, but I think he missed the point that I am concerned about State financial aid whether or not I am getting it. Am I nothing more than a selfish student?)

Mr. Matthews,

Thank you for your response. This need based line is a new line item. Any
need based financial aid you receive currently is from the federal
government not the state. Therefore, your current aid would not be taken
away if this bill were approved.

Rep. Paul Miller

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Matthews
Cc: Rick Matthews;; carolyn matthews
Sent: 4/27/2001 6:35 PM
Subject: House Bill 1392


I must assert to you my vehement opposition to House Bill 1392. Public
Higher Education is North Carolina's gretest asset and it is a poor poor
decision to cripple it. In addition, your elimination of State
Financial Aid when only 30% of North Carolina's High School Graduations
choose to attend college is ridiculous. I must also strongly object to
your singling out two institutions. Eliminating financial aid would
prevent students from attending NCSU or UNCCH just as it would at any
other school. While I truly hope and feel that you don't intend for
this to be passed, your scare tactics and "politics" to frighten up
support for the lottery are getting way out of hand. Raise taxes. You
may fear that you will upset constituents, but contrary to what you may
believe education is valued dearly by North Carolina. Even the business
community would rather pay more taxes and get educated graduates. Let
it be known that your constituents will not stand for this. I am from
Forsyth County, and I know two of you in particular will definitely have
a difficult time getting reelected if you continue these practices. I
will fight the good fight, and alert my parents, and networks of
concerned citizens across Forsyth County and the State of your negative
opinion on education. We will mobilize and we will not stand for this.
I urge you to do yourself and your constituents a favor and make
education a top priority, and not the first place to turn for budget
cuts. Please change your approach to the budget situation before you
cripple education and run yourself out of office.

A Concerned Citizen and Student,
Mark D. Matthews

4/27/2001 9:25:30 PM

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I wrote a letter to all of them as well. They may say that it will not hurt me now, but considering I can barely afford to go to school as it is, I think it is unfair to take away something from me that I pay for just like everyone else in the form of taxes, etc.

4/27/2001 9:52:55 PM

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mark, that was a cookie cutter email. i got the same one too

4/28/2001 12:04:30 AM

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Send a hand-written letter.

4/28/2001 1:01:35 AM

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My HS teacher told us that if the cuts were to be approved, that NC Central might have to be shut down. This would really suck dick considering that my cousin attends that school

4/28/2001 2:03:46 AM

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Students, Faculty and Staff:
NC State and the other 15 campuses of the University
of North Carolina are facing its biggest challenge
since their inception. The NC General Assembly has
declared a war on education with a possible $125
million budget cut. A cut of this magnitude will have
the following effect: students will see decreases in
financial aid, class sizes will increase, hundreds
of faculty will lose their jobs, and students will
take longer to graduate.

The student body has invited Chancellor Marye Anne
Fox to explain what information the General Assembly
has asked the University to provide and what programs
will possibly be impacted. Students, faculty and staff
are invited to hear Chancellor Fox and ask questions
on Tuesday, May 1, in the Campus Cinema in Witherspoon
Student Center at 6:00pm.

Student leaders are encouraging students, faculty,
staff and parents to join a "March on the Capitol."
Students, faculty, staff and parents from across the
State are gathering at NC State University's Bell Tower
Wednesday, May 2 at 11:00am, and then will march down
Hillsborough Street to the NC General Assembly.

Our one simple demand- the War on Education must STOP.

Andrew Payne, UNCASG President
Darryl Willie, NCSU Student Body President
Harold Pettigrew, NCSU Student Body President, emeritus

4/28/2001 11:16:25 PM

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