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All American
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^Although disgusting, would that really be a fireable offense even if you could fire him?

Also, every day??? How fast do his nails grow?

6/26/2019 4:28:55 PM

All American
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If someone is helping me get work done im not going to try to remove them over nail clippings.

So and so blows their nose too much let's make their life uncomfortable

6/26/2019 4:36:52 PM

Sup, B
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Guy behind me is incapable of closing his mouth when he eats. And he eats 4 or 5 times every. Fucking. Day.

Our "DevOps" team is beyond worthless. It takes them over a week to respond to any and all JIRAs for basic system shit. They cant figure out how to let us specify version numbers for our software builds from the build website, so we have to check in our version numbers into a text file in the repo.

Due to how slow they are in responding to JIRAs, I requested that they let us specify an industry-standard xml config file for nuget Package sources, so that when some othe devops fucknut dicks up our primary source (as they do on a monthly basis for no fucking reason), we can just change the config and have our builds work while they take their sweet time fixing whatever they fucked up... Nope, they dont know how to parse xml from whatever scripting system they are using, so they are gonna keep hard coding our sources. Their solution is... wait for it... to submit a JIRA to DevOps to change our build scripts while we wait for DevOps to fix the package sources

7/9/2019 11:01:06 PM

All American
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This year. The manager's gone. The manager's manager is also on vacation until August 12.

Some of my coworkers are pieces of shit. One is gone until next Wednesday. The other didn't do shit all week and decided to take entire Friday. Our work/projects don't really overlap and doesn't impact much downstream. Both contractors, meaning hourly, no vacation days.

Should I still snitch?


8/2/2019 2:28:54 PM

All American
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Definitely snitch, but anonymously.

Unless you're bulletproof

then snitch loudly.

and make examples of them. and call their churches to snitch even more. get them kicked out of heaven.

8/5/2019 8:13:53 AM

All American
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When people send an email, then walk over immediately and instead of saying hey they say "did you read my email?"

If you're going to come over, come over and don't write. If you're going to write, write and don't come over unless it's an email about stopping by at a certain time and done in the form of a meeting invite that I have accepted on the calendar.

8/8/2019 1:58:38 AM

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