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REL 101Elementary Biblical Hebrew I0.000000
PHI 333Theory of Knowledge0.000000
TE 105Introduction to Textile Engineering Practice0.000000
COM 377Television Writing Seminar0.000000
HI 442Creating the Constitution : Origins and Development0.000000
MDS 105A Systems Approach to the Universe0.000000
PRT 380Analysis and Evaluation in Parks, Recreation0.000000
PS 101Internet Research0.200000
PS 102Data Analysis0.666666
HON 101Honors Colloquium I0.857142
PS 200Workshop in Political Science1.000000
TAM 484Management Decision Making for the Textile Firm1.000000
ENG 426Analyzing Style1.000000
TE 303Thermal Processes in Textile Engineering1.000000
TE 305Textile Instrumentation and Control1.000000
MAE 305Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I1.000000
BAE 100Introduction to Biological and Biomedical Engineering1.000000
MAT 301Equilibrium and Rate Processes1.000000
ACC 450Risk and Assurance1.000000
FLS 315Culture and Civilization of the Iberian Peninsula1.000000
TAM 282Intro Tx Brand Mgt1.000000
ZO 370Developmental Anatomy and Histology of the Vertebrates I1.000000
PRT 150Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Orientation1.000000
PRT 200Leisure Behavior, Health and Wellness1.000000
REL 334Japanese Religions1.000000
TT 321Yarn Production and Properties II1.000000
TT 331Performance Evaluation of Textile Materials1.000000
MDS 303Humans and the Environment1.000000
ANT 444Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women1.000000
CHE 331Chemical Engineering Lab II1.000000
HS 211Ornamental Plants I1.000000
CSC 314Data Structures1.000000
ANT 254Language and Culture1.000000
BUS 530Managing People in the High Tech Environment1.000000
IS 393Internat Affairs1.000000
COM 240Communication Inquiry1.200000
PS 202State and Local Government1.200000
M 200Microcomputer Applications for Business and Accounting1.250000
MA 402Computational Mathematics: Models, Methods and Analysis1.333333
E 101Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving1.404255
CE 213Introduction to Mechanics1.428571
E 497Engineering Research Projects1.461538
NE 403Nuclear Engineering Design Projects1.500000
PRT 375Internship Orientation1.500000
BUS 426International Financial Management1.500000
CSC 340Information System Management1.500000
FLI 201Intermediate Italian I1.500000
ECE 421Introduction to Signal Processing1.500000
SOC 220Cultural Geography1.500000
MEA 311The Global Atmosphere1.500000
FLS 302Survey of Spanish Literature: 1700 to Present1.500000
FLS 306Business Correspondence in Hispanic Culture1.500000
PMS 100Perspectives on Learning1.571428
BUS 100Introduction to College of Management1.615384
ECE 220Analytical Foundations of Electrical and Computer Engineering1.653846
MEA 210Oceanography Lab1.666666
MAE 306Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II1.666666
NE 301Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering1.666666
IE 453Production System Design1.666666
MA 303Linear Analysis1.666666
CH 433Physical Chemistry II1.666666
ECE 464ASIC Design1.666666
NE 202Fundamentals of Nuclear Energy1.666666
SW 290The Development of Social Welfare and Social Work in the U.S.1.666666
PY 413Thermal Physics1.666666
MSE 200Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials1.700000
COM 250Communication and Technology1.750000
GN 411Principles of Genetics1.750000
MEA 312Atmospheric Thermodynamics1.750000
CSC 210Unknown1.750000
CHE 330Chemical Engineering Lab I1.800000
PS 103Designing Political Web Pages1.800000
MAT 200Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials1.818181
PY 211College Physics I1.818181
ECE 331Principles of Electrical Engineering I1.851851
MAT 201Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials1.857142
MAE 314Solid Mechanics1.875000
E 115Introduction to Computing Environments1.877551
CSC 401Data and Computer Communications Networks1.928571
ECE 200Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Laboratory1.977272
ECD 296Special Topics in Education: Counselor Education2.000000
BO 295Special Topics in Botany2.000000
CSC 570Computer Networks2.000000
BO 102Introduction to Research2.000000
BO 220Local Flora2.000000
BO 250Plant Biology2.000000
BO 365Ecology Laboratory2.000000
GN 412Elementary Genetics Laboratory2.000000
HSS 392International and Crosscultural Communication2.000000
JDP 500Bmj-Uncch-Ncsu2.000000
LAR 430Site Planning2.000000
MA 493Special Topics in Mathematics2.000000
MA 504Introduction To Mathematical Programming2.000000
PS 303Race in U.S. Politics2.000000
TE 205Textile Engineering Systems2.000000
PS 320U.S. Environmental Law and Politics2.000000
PRT 477Park, Recreation and Tourism Management2.000000
TAM 431Quality Management and Control In Textile Manufacturing2.000000
TAM 499Textile Senior Project2.000000
HON 298Honors Research/Independent Study2.000000
LAT 201Intermediate Latin I2.000000
LAT 310Classical Mythology2.000000
HON 102Honors Colloquium II2.000000
HI 450U.S. Labor Since 19002.000000
FOR 252Introduction to Forest Science2.000000
GC 250Engineering Graphics II2.000000
ENG 451Chaucer2.000000
ENG 452Medieval British Literature2.000000
ECE 746VLSI Systems Design2.000000
ECE 792Special Topics In Electrical Engineering2.000000
COM 322Nonverbal Communication2.000000
COM 335Language Development2.000000
CSC 492Senior Design Project2.000000
ALS 103Introductory Topics in Agriculture and Life Sciences2.000000
ALS 398Agriculture and Life Sciences Honors Seminar2.000000
BIO 495Special Topics in Biology2.000000
BIT 410Manip Recomb Dna2.000000
BAE 361Analytical Methods in Engineering Design2.000000
ACC 311Intermediate Financial Accounting II2.000000
ENG 512Theory and Research In Professional Writing2.000000
FLS 311Advanced Spanish Composition2.000000
HI 270Modern Middle East2.000000
MSE 301Equilibrium and Rate Processes2.000000
NE 404Radiation Safety and Shielding2.000000
NE 409Nuclear Materials2.000000
NE 401Reactor Analysis and Design2.000000
NE 402Reactor Engineering2.000000
PEC 478Principles of Sports Science2.000000
PRT 406Sports Law2.000000
PRT 451Principles of Recreation Planning and Facility Development2.000000
PHI 221Contemp Moral Issu2.000000
PRT 320Convention and Visitor Services2.000000
PRT 462Introduction to Geographic Information Systems2.000000
PSY 241Introduction to Behavioral Research I Lab2.000000
PSY 307Industrial and Organizational Psychology2.000000
TC 461Introduction to Fiber Forming Polymers2.000000
ARC 414Environmental Control Systems2.000000
MDS 210Women and Gender In Science and Technology2.000000
MAE 455Boundary Layer Theory2.000000
MAE 469Controls Laboratory2.000000
USC 101Intr Univ Ed I2.000000
CSC 302Introduction to Numerical Methods2.000000
CE 201Civil Engineering Measurements and Surveys2.000000
FLG 102Elementary German II2.000000
BUS 110Microcomputer Applications for Management2.000000
ARC 332Architectural Structures II2.000000
ARC 201Architectural Design: Environment2.000000
ARC 211Natural Systems and Architecture2.000000
PY 212College Physics II2.000000
PS 371Research Methodology of Political Science2.000000
IE 443Quality Design and Control2.000000
HI 373African-American History Since 18652.000000
HI 418Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany2.000000
COM 456Organizational Communication2.000000
COM 486Communication Research Methods2.000000
CH 434Physical Chemistry Laboratory2.000000
CE 375Civil Engineering Systems2.000000
CE 381Hydraulics Systems Measurements Lab2.000000
CE 382Hydraulics2.000000
ANT 310Native Peoples and Cultures of North America2.000000
ECE 465Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence2.000000
ECE 466Compiler Optimization and Scheduling2.000000
ECG 705Monetary Economics2.000000
EDP 476Psy Adolescent Dev2.000000
WPS 102Unknown2.000000
WPS 202Wood Anatomy and Properties2.000000
WPS 371Pulping Process Analysis2.000000
PCC 301Technology of Dyeing and Finishing2.000000
MEA 455Micrometeorology2.000000
MEA 460Principles of Physical Oceanography2.000000
SOC 351Population and Planning2.000000
CHE 425Process System Analysis and Control2.000000
CHE 446Design and Analysis of Chemical Reactors2.000000
CHE 450Chemical Engineering Design I2.000000
FW 221Conservation of Natural Resources2.000000
GRK 101Elementary Greek I2.000000
GRK 102Elementary Greek II2.000000
HA 201History of Art From Ancient Greece Through the Renaissance2.000000
EMS 203Introduction to Teaching Mathematics and Science2.000000
MA 426Mathematical Analysis II2.000000
MDS 326Technology Assessment2.000000
PEC 201Coaching Baseball/Softball2.000000
ST 350Economics and Business Statistics2.000000
ST 380Probability and Statistics for the Physical Sciences2.000000
MDS 410Toxic Substances and Society2.000000
MEA 422Atmospheric Dynamics II2.000000
PCC 105Introduction to Polymer and Color Chemistry2.000000
PHI 300Ancient and Medieval Philosophy2.000000
PHI 330Metaphysics2.000000
PHI 305Philosophy of Religion2.000000
PHI 313Ethical Problems in the Law2.000000
REL 331The Hindu Tradition2.000000
PHI 494Writing in Ethics2.000000
PRT 238Inclusive Recreation2.000000
FLS 307Business Spanish2.000000
MAE 521Linear Control and Design For Mimo Systems2.000000
MAE 550Foundations Of Fluid Dynamics2.000000
MAE 554Hypersonic Aerodynamics2.000000
CH 431Physical Chemistry I2.000000
FLS 210Accelerated Intermediate Spanish2.000000

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